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Specialist helping those in pursuit of excellence. Find out how massage therapy can help you resolve physiological restrictions and how it can help you fulfil your potential.

Massage Therapy for those in Pursuit of Excellence

Pain, tightness, or structural restrictions that are holding you back from performing at your very best? Preparing for an event to ensure everything is tip-top and moving smoothly, or wanting to recover quickly from a performance? Or are you simply after a relaxing massage? Adagio Hands can help. Through a careful understanding of your needs through assessmentfollowed by strategic massage therapyand ongoing rehabilitation support where needed, Adagio Hands is helping performers, musicians and others pursuing excellence to overcome those musculoskeletal and physiological restrictions that can hold them back.

Ease Tightness

Provide a helping hand for muscles to release and relax.

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Relieve Pain

Dissolve the burning or searing sensation or dull ache that seems to keep reappearing.

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Address Structural Alignment

Adjust connective tissues and movement patterns to greater alignment and ease.

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What makes Adagio Hands Special?


Adagioslow, measured, fluid, purposive.

An effective massage cannot be rushed or forced, yet in order to stretch or release connective tissue along the body, there does need to be a firm connection and a sense of direction. We will always work towards an agreed, defined purpose, and we will look for ways to connect in with the body and its tissues to achieve this.

There is no “no pain no gain,” or sudden elbows and jerks, or depersonalised process, rather a healing pressure that is pleasant and releasing, leaving you more relaxed and flexible when you leave the session.

Helping Those In Pursuit of Excellence

Adagio Hands aims to help those who are striving to maintain a level of proficiency or to improve their performance through dedicated practice – those who are pursuing excellence.

Often this will be musicians and performers, as well as sportsmen and women. Did you know orchestral musicians have one of the highest rates of occupational health injuries?

It can be sad when someone who is talented and who dedicates their life to what they love has to stop doing it precisely because of their diligence and commitment.

Adagio Hands aims to help that person carry on.

Continuity of Care

Massage therapy at Adagio Hands doesn’t start and end with hands-on work. It doesn’t even start with the assessment or end with rehabilitation advice. From the initial phone call discussing your options, to ongoing reminders and encouragement between sessions and, if necessary, onward referral: Adagio Hands aims to offer the support and continuity in healthcare that is often missing when we try to navigate our way among doctors, specialists, therapists, and the range of on-line information available to us.


“Like many people these days, I spend too much time sitting behind a computer, with disastrous consequences for my back and arms. Zoltan not only fixed the loss of sensation I had in my fingers, but also tackled deep-rooted muscle knots causing me stiffness and pain. To help prevent recurrence of these problems, Zoltan showed me how to stretch properly – something I now religiously do.”


“Zoltan is a very skilled masseur who puts his clients at ease. He has a deep understanding of fascia and muscles and was able to get to the cause of my problem very quickly and effectively. He is the only masseur I know who incorporates visualization into his massages which I think helps the client to participate more deeply in the healing process and also to continue getting the benefit of a massage after it is over.”


“I am so very thankful to Zoltan for helping me to relieve the chronic pain in my shoulder. With a combination of gentle stretching, massage, exercises and discussion, we were able to correct a complicated problem that I had been dealing with for over six years. It took nine hours of therapy, plus dedicated efforts to do the exercises at home exactly as Zoltan suggested, but now I am pain-free and have wonderful mobility in my shoulder.”


“A friend from Park Run recommended Zoltan after I injured my knees doing speed training.  I was experiencing an aching pain constantly when I sat down for any length of time and twinges when I tried to run, after training too hard in an old pair of trainers. Zoltan was very professional and committed to finding out what the issue was and making it better.  I came for a number of sessions and the pain began to lessen and has now completely gone.  I could feel the difference in my legs as before I had hard blocks of muscle but now I can feel the different muscles in them above the knees!  He was flexible with his timetable and I cannot recommend Zoltan highly enough!”  


"Zoltan slow, focused and thorough approach impressed me very much. I feel in good hands when I bring my back issues to him safe in the knowledge that I will invariably feel better, lighter and looser once I've had one of his treatment. I would recommend him to anyone."


"Zoltan is a truly gifted massage therapist.  My lower back is now virtually pain free after years of discomfort."


"I am a very regular ballroom and Latin social dancer. I sought Zoltan's help after developing both some stiffness in my right shoulder (from holding my ballroom frame) and a recurring ache in my hip joints (which seemed to be attributable to rather too much Latin hip action in higher heels than I wear day to day) ... After one session of manipulation, my shoulder problem was entirely resolved. On the hips, Zoltan ... not only helped to maintain the improvement I felt after the session but have also given me more confidence in managing the impact of more intensive dance sessions on my hip joints going forward."


"I am a massage therapist and i am extremely fussy with who i allow to treat me and who i trust to treat me ... in the past some therapists have been over zealous with their treatments and caused me problems.  Zoltan is non of these = he listens and is extremely caring and aware of my issues.  His treatments are fantastic. He is very knowledgeable and i am happy to recommend him 100%."


"Had an excellent treatment from Zoltan ... he really knows his stuff. I went in with a lot of pain which had almost entirely gone by the end of the treatment. Highly recommended."


Musician's Offer

In order to help musicians in particular, I am offering in 2019 a 25% discount to treat any condition that affects your playing or singing.  Amateur and professional musicians alike welcome! Please mention the offer when you get in touch.

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