Soft Tissue Therapy and Bodywork

A Well-kept Healthcare Secret in the UK

Soft Tissue Therapy can offer so much more than the relaxation commonly associated with "massage."  It can help maintain performance and address long-standing musculoskeletal, physiological, and other restrictions. If you’ve been to doctors, osteopaths, physios, and are still struggling; if you're stretching, exercising, and going to class, yet can't quite feel comfortable in your posture - chances are you would benefit from more sustained hands-on and soft tissue work.

The work may involve doing it for yourself under the guidance of a professional, or having it done for you by a professional, or a combination of the two.  If you are ready to explore the benefits and possibilities of soft tissue therapy and associated bodywork, get in touch today.

Chronic or recurring pain

Recurring pain is common with those who practise the same movement time and time again, or where a previously injured area is repeatedly put under further strain. Headaches, back pain, sore knees belong here, as do specific injuries – sprained ankles, groin strain - and the burning sensation of RSI in wrists, golfer’s elbow, and tennis elbow. Even minor twinges of pain can distract from or inhibit performance.  Pain that has been around for a while may take 3-6 sessions to resolve.

Muscular tightness

Everyone has tightness at times, whether from stress or injury or something else. For those that rely on their body for a living, it is important to alleviate the tightness as quickly as possible - tightness can induce minor inaccuracy first, then serious pain later. Whether tight necks, tight shoulders, or tight glutes, hamstrings, calves, we will look at the causes, then slowly work into and away from the area with a range of techniques, including mobilisation. Note that you should notice an immediate change but for longer-term issues it may take 3-6 sessions to fully resolve.

Structural restriction

Muscular imbalances can result from, and can cause us to, hold our bodies in a certain way – craning neck, hunched shoulders, pelvic restrictions, torsion in the torso, sub-optimal posture. This can be a particular issue with those who adopt a specific posture for work or practice, day in day out. We need not only to rebalance muscles, but also to realign the "bodysuit" of connective tissue that surrounds them. This is known as "myofascial release." While you should notice change in ease of motion after the first session, significant structural realignment can take 6-12 sessions.

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"Something's not right."

If you’re unsure about a specific issue but find yourself saying “I should be able to get into this position but it never feels quite right,” or "I always find myself tense after being in this position," or “I stretch and stretch but never seem actually to gain flexibility,” then it is very likely that I can help you with what are known as myofascial release approaches. Do get in touch!

Simple relaxation

Sometimes you’re just after de-stressing at the end of a long, physically or mentally demanding day. Massage Therapy can help you relax and relieve the stresses built up during your working day.

Where requested in advance, a session of Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) will help remove fluids and accumulated waste from swollen limbs, and can boost the immune system and therefore energy levels.

Event work

Before an event or performance we can undertake an MOT to ensure all those muscles and tendons are tracking smoothly and without inhibition.  After an event we will sensitively but firmly flush tissue for immediate relaxation, more rapid removal of waste products, and to minimise recovery time from any overexertion.

Pre- and Post-Operative

There are times when surgery is unavoidable. Massage therapy can often help prepare for smoother surgery by ensuring muscles around the area are relaxed and supple, allowing easier access; and it will generally aid a more speedy recovery post-surgery by removing unwanted scar tissue and encouraging mobility over the recovery period.

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